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J & A Business Solutions is an advanced merchant services company. We offer the lowest rates in the industry. Yes, that’s right, we said it, and we guarantee it! We call it The $500 Business Challenge. If you allow us to review your merchant service statements for credit card processing and we aren’t able to save you money monthly, we’ll pay you $500, no questions asked! We have yet to pay out $500.

The reasons we are able to offer these low rates which should be refreshing to you the business owner are as follows. First, we are not a large corporation with a lot of overhead expenses and bonuses to pay out. It is not our goal to become a large credit card processing corporation. It is our goal to become the new industry standard in the way we treat our customers in helping them increase their profit margins.

Credit Card Processing

We offer the exact same secure credit card services and resources as the large processing houses out there but without the sizable overhead expenses these corporations have and we pass the savings onto the business owner.

The second reason we can provide the lowest processing rates is because we take our analysis of your credit card statements many levels deeper than the majority of processors and we uncover everything. Unfortunately, most business owners don’t realize just how fraudulent the credit card processing industry is and they never take the time to go through their statement in detail. And, most providers don’t even send you a statement as they don’t want you looking at it and seeing what they are doing.

As a merchant service provider we take this very seriously because what we have found in over 90% of all of our clients statements we have analyzed is that there are fake fee’s and added transactions. Most credit card processors are padding the money they make off of your processing and you never see it. We do! And, and we show you this in our complimentary in depth analysis we provide for you.

These added transactions and fake fee’s range anywhere from a few dollars a month to several hundred dollars per month, sometimes reaching into the thousands per month depending on the volume of the business.

Merchant Service Provider

And, whether it’s a few dollars or several hundred dollars a month in fraudulent charges these merchant service providers are taking from your bottom line, we call that stealing and we offer you the complete opposite of what they do. As total merchant services, we provide transparent solutions in everything we do so you’ll know exactly where you stand with us at all times.

The third reason we are able to save you money is one that is part of our DNA as a company, we truly care about your business. Our philosophy is a simple one; treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. We believe by doing this, it will attract all the business we can handle. If you accept credit cards and have credit card terminals, we can help you save money and if you are new to merchant services, we will help you get set up properly.

And the most important reason on why we believe we are leading the way in the credit card processing industry and creating a new gold standard is our “Giving Back Program“.

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Our Giving Back Program is fresh and innovative and will provide a new meaning to the term “fundraiser”. If you pass our rigorous qualifications and become part of our giving back program then from our net profit we receive from your monthly processing, we are going to donate up to 20% of it to a charity that you work with regularly on your behalf.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, we provide another unique solution for your business. First, let me ask you this, what does every business need to survive and grow, customer’s right?

We offer total SEO service solutions  for website seo, design and development and video seo as well as video production and we guarantee our results!  No other seo company out there will guarantee results! We stand behind our work because we deliver results for your business every time or you don’t pay!

The websites we build for our clients are beautiful yes, but more importantly they are seo optimized websites and they gain a considerable advantage over your competitors even just minutes after going live.

That means there is no risk on your part whatsoever, that’s what sets J & A Business Solutions apart from all the other merchant service companies. We provide you maximum internet exposure for your business or product and help you dominate in your local marketplace. We rank you for keywords your potential customers are typing into the search engines so it’s very targeted and evergreen.