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J & A Business Solutions Founder

Stephen E. Lotsbaich, Company Founder and CEO

Steve graduated from Western Michigan University in 1998. Steve continued his education over the next 15 years specializing in Pediatric Trauma and Pediatric Critical Care. He is an award winning Fire Fighter Paramedic, with +18 years of experience in the field. Steve has been recognized as one of the most decorated Paramedics in the State of Indiana.

He holds all of the top credentials that only few have been able to obtain. Steve is well known for working on LifeLine Critical Care transport team out of Indianapolis Indiana. LifeLine is recognized as the premier helicopter transport programs in the Nation, back by Riley & Methodist Hospital, and IU School of Medicine. He also worked for Memorial Hospitals on their Critical Care Pediatric transport team.

Steve is also an entrepreneur, he started his first company in 2003 building and managed over 2 Million dollars of local companies, all while working full time as a Firefighter/Paramedic. What distinguishes Steve from others in his field of expertise is his passion to help others. Steve’s interests are spending time with his kids, golf, and enjoying the great outdoors! Steve currently lives in Niles, Michigan, where he is determined to continue to help others. His favorite quote and life motto; “you have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you!”



We understand that serving our clients’ best interest, serves our best interest. Our experienced and professional team members are always readily prepared and willing to provide you with solid advice you need to survive and grow your business. We ensure our clients are positioned for success.


In the ever changing world of payment processing you need more than just a processor. You need a genuine partner with the experience, knowledge and the expertise to navigate through increasing complexities. J & A Business Solutions over delivers on all of these, every time.


Client retention is everything to our team, which drives us to continually exceed OUR customers expectations. We do this because we feel it’s the right thing to do and we strive to continually exceed client expectations. Many service providers may give you a great rate, but then add fees to every statement that add up to more than what you were paying prior and that eats into your profits hurting your bottom line. Not to mention the fact that this act of padding transactions is illegal and they are stealing from you.

We find this practice unethical and won’t do it!! With J&A Business Solutions, you own your data and we refuse to hold our client’s hostage with hardball tactics. We are here with a team of exceptionally experienced integration experts that will make the transition and migration of your processing stress free and seamless.