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accept credit cards

Accept Credit Cards

Companies that accept credit cards have become a staple for doing business today. Impulse purchases, which help boost sales, happen with greater frequency when accepting credit cards is an option. This stated by the Small Business Administration.

A 2014 report from the Federal Reserve claims in 2012, that debit cards were responsible for thirty eight percent of all payments without the use of cash. Credit cards were responsible for twenty one percent of all payments made without using cash. Based on these statistics, the conclusion is because it is so easy to use debit and credit that customers are inclined to purchase with them.

Partner with a Merchant Services Account Provider in order to accept payments

Having an account from a merchant services provider permits a company to accept credit cards, gift cards, debit cards, and various other kinds of payment electronically. However, prior to a business taking credit cards, they must submit an application for a merchant account and be approved.

A company can start accepting credit cards from various different means once approved:

Online payments

Mobile processing of credit cards

POS or (point-of-sale) payments

Management of customer profile

Recurring payments

J & A Business Solutions offers reliable, transparent service and solutions and tremendous customer support for all of their clients. Why is that important to you, the business owner? It’s important because it means we have your back and we cover your immediate and longer term business needs.

Your business can accept payment on the fly

We offer multiple choices so businesses can pick the specific type of payment solution they need.

Mobile checkout option: for simple consumer checkout using a smartphone or tablet.

iTerminal: all that is needed is an internet connection, a laptop, a browser and a card reader that will accept credit cards at the time of purchase.

Wireless Terminals: the ultimate solution that brings point-of-sale directly to your customers.

Having secure PCI compliance and iron clad fraud protection, J & A Business Solutions helps you protect your customer’s information and ensures the simplicity of managing your businesses cash flow.

Online Payment Processing

The J & A Business Solutions payment gateway offers online payment processing for any e-commerce operation. Businesses can set up online transaction processing that is secured and all in one place! This makes it both easy and convenient. The benefit to a business with this option is an absolutely customizable solution and services can be added at any time and integrated so your unique storefront functions flawlessly.

This amazing technology has built in security protection. Credit card fraud as well as theft continues to rise, so it goes without saying that both businesses and consumers want reassurance that their credit card purchases are safe and secure. We utilize the latest and more importantly the safest technology so customers have complete confidence that their credit card information is safe and protected.

What we feel is of utmost important in regards to the advanced merchant services J & A Business Solutions offers is that you are a partner with a trustworthy provider of credit card acceptance.

Payments for Point-of-Sale Systems

A point-of-sale system will easily and securely process transactions. We are able to process payments for the most popular point-of-sale systems. We couple that with an experienced support team and your business is well covered.

J & A Business Solutions provides the credit card machines and point-of-sale equipment needed to make the process of credit card payments completely seamless. If you need any of the following business equipment; web-based, wireless, mobile, or with a tablet, we can cover your needs. We also have solutions for contactless forms of payment as well as EMV chip cards. We have solutions for every business and every need for that business.

We also understand that each business has different needs so we offer a variety of solutions for credit card payment. If you can answer any further questions or if you wish to learn more about how to accept credit cards for payment, reach out to us, we’d love to help!

What credit card terminals are best suited for your business? We help ensure the equipment selected for your business is a perfect fit.