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advanced merchant services

Advanced Merchant Services

Advanced merchant services is an expansive category of financial services designed for businesses. In its simplest form, it commonly refers to credit card processing services where a business is allowed to accept payment as a result of a transaction. This transaction is completed via a secure and encrypted medium using a consumers debit or credit card or an NFC/RFID authorized machine.

When speaking in general terms, here are some of the more common terms:

Debit and credit cards payment processing solutions

Check conversion services and check guarantee

Loyalty programs as well as gift cards

Payment gateway

Cash advances for Merchants

Processing for online transactions

POS (point of sale) systems

Accept Credit Cards

Providers of merchant services usually require the business to open a merchant account with them directly or through a referring partner, which for example could be a bank or business to business service companies.

Credit Card Processing

J & A Business Solutions offers advanced merchant services through an industry leading credit card processing company. We offer iron clad payment solutions and customer service that leads the industry in a variety of business markets.

Our industry experience and transparency for operating with integrity as well as our commitment to giving back with qualified charitable organizations set us apart from all other merchant providers.

We have become the company that successful businesses count on to take care of all their processing needs. Let J & A Business Solutions analyze your credit card statements, we guarantee that we will save you money from what you are currently paying.

The one statement we hear all the time when first speaking with a business about their merchant processing is “we have the best rate in town, you can’t touch it”. We love that statement because all we ask for is an opportunity to prove to you that we indeed can save your business money.

Our guarantee is this, if you provide us with your most recent credit card statements and we do our full in depth analysis and can’t save you money monthly, we will pay you $500 in cash no questions asked. We have yet to pay any business $500 as a result of saving every business that is a client of ours a modest to significant amount of money every month.

As a result of our transparency that we operate with, we are starting to change the merchant services industry, account by account. This is no easy task as in large part this industry is known for its fraudulent activity. We show business owners where any fraudulent activity may exist through our in depth analysis and we eliminate it. Common things we find are “added transactions” and made up fees and charges.

Our clients love us, are loyal to us and stay with us not only because of the money we save them but also because of our tremendous customer service. We invite you to reach out to us, we’d love to have a chat about your business and show you how we can save you money.