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android nearby mobile proximity beacon

We utilize Android Nearby technology with a mobile proximity beacon to help drive leads to our clients around the clock.

Android nearby technology has now given the business community a huge advantage. The cost of large expensive advertising campaigns are now a thing of the past.

Imagine paying a nominal monthly fee and acquiring leads for your business or service continuously, day in and day out. And, the best part is, whether it’s 100 leads a month or 10,000 leads a month, that nominal fee never changes. Try that with google adwords, I wish you luck!

At J & A Business Solutions we are constantly striving to deliver more value to our clients. The way we see it, the more value we deliver the happier our clients will be and that is just good business. Our formula for making clients happy is unbeatable in the world of merchant services, let me explain.

We save businesses a jaw dropping amount of money on their credit card processing by cutting out added transactions and fraudulent fee’s as well as lowering their overall effective rate. Then, through our SEO service, we drive more potential customers to their products or services and finally, we introduce to them new innovations like android nearby mobile technology.

A key chain size nearby mobile beacon is transforming the way local businesses will get leads or potential customers on a continual basis. The android nearby technology is not new to the marketplace, however, creating the first ever mobile proximity marketing beacons is new and the marketplace is buzzing.

Business Owners lining up to acquire these Android Nearby Proximity Marketing Beacons

We just recently started introducing the GO system to our client base and word is spreading quickly! Let’s talk about how this mobile proximity beacon works and what it can do.

The little nearby device actually broadcasts a specific message of your choosing to anyone within three hundred feet of this little unit. Everyone within a radius of a football field that has an android phone will get an immediate notification with your message.

You are able to create a text message that can be forty characters in length as well as include a link to your service, opportunity or product! Let that sink in for a moment because it is incredibly powerful.

Depending on the on where your GO proximity beacon is located, you can potentially reach hundreds or even thousands of people who will get an instant notification with your message on their Android phone.

If you are a real estate agent, think about all of your options. You can place a unit in each of your listings and when people get your notification, it sends them to a virtual tour. If you are a trainer or fitness coach, you can send people to a free workout.

Maybe your involved with a church and you have a fundraiser going, you can let people in your community know instantly. If you are an owner of a local business, this mobile proximity beacon is perfect for your products and services. Create the custom message you want, for example, a BOGO offer, a daily special offering, anything that will drive people to business. Experiment and have fun with this!

I’m sure you can see why business owners are in a frenzy to acquire this technology. Reach out to us now and we can have you set up quickly so you can start receiving leads around the clock for your business!

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