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credit card terminals

Credit Card Terminals

Regardless of the industry your business is in, J & A Business Solutions has the equipment needed to make credit card processing a seamless part of operations. If your business needs credit card terminals that are web-based, mobile or wireless and accept EMV chip cards, we have you covered. We include 24/7 customer service and you’ll have access to our merchant services account management tools through a personalized web-based login.

Credit Card Machines

One counter top device can cover accepting credit cards; signature debit and PIN debit transactions. Our credit card machines make use of the internet connection currently in use which saves time and adds value to your customer base and ultimately your business. We also provide an automated backup feature to keep your lines open and moving.

Wireless And Mobile Credit Card Terminals

Credit card processing via mobile and wireless transactions will for payments to be made right where your customers are at that time. Transactions will be able to be made at a trade show, on the road, or right at home for a product demonstration. We’re experts and we will help you choose the right solution that is a perfect fit for your business. We will make sure you never miss a sale!

When it comes to in person transactions in a typical retail environment, point-of-sale terminals are hard to beat! They offer the security of processing debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, checks and other electronic transactions. Once the customer’s card is swiped through the card reader, the terminal will do the rest. Then simply add a PIN pad to your credit card machine and process PIN debit cards and EBT transactions.

These counter top terminals at the point of sale are the workhorses of the retail environment where transactions are done with the card present which is the standard.

VeriFone VX 520

The VeriFone VX 520 is one of the quickest and most dependable credit card terminals in the market, providing leading technology and easy to use features that both you and consumers will really enjoy. This counter top unit offers futuristic processing power that provides security and the needed flexibility to suit the needs of your business.

VeriFone VX 520 Features:

  • EMV® capability which allows contactless cards accepts a wide variety of cards as consumers are adapting to new technology for all cards, putting your business in a great position for the foreseeable future
  • Allows for transactions to be completed rapidly with a lightening fast internet connection with dial-up backup
  • White back-lit display that makes it easy to read provides great visibility even with conditions with less light
  • The slim ergonomic design takes up very little retail counter space and makes it easy for the customer to complete a transaction
  • Standard memory is 500MB and supports many value-added services i.e., check services
  • Customer receipts generated from built in printer requiring no additional equipment

Ingenico iCT250

The iCT250 terminal offers a small and secure credit card processing option. This retail counter top terminal from Ingenico supplies quick and dependable processing in a self-contained unit. This processing unit does not require a connection to a separate retail system which makes it an advanced and complex solution for your businesses electronic payments.

Ingenico iCT250 Features

  • Contactless card capability with EMV allows for and accepts more sources of payments as consumers progress to this new technology
  • A high-contrast bright color display offers greater visibility for consumers and for your employees
  • Allows for a high-speed internet connection with dial-up backup to complete consumer transactions rapidly
  • Has a memory capacity of 512MB and able to host multiple processing services
  • Customer receipts generated from built in printer requiring no additional equipment
  • The security standard of the PCI PED 3.0 goes beyond industry provisions in terms of data security

The Ingenico iCT220 CTL is modeled for ease of handling and volumous daily use. This machine offers EMV chip with PIN, magnetic stripe and contactless payment options.

iCT220 CTL Features

  • Uses minimal retail counter space and supports several payment methods
  • Intuitive and ergonomic
  • Color LCD display with back-lit keypad make PIN entry and menu navigation a breeze
  • PCI PTS 3.0 certified and meets the toughest security standards
  • EMV capable
  • Apple Pay™  and NFC capable