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Our Giving Back Program

giving back program

Our Giving Back Program becomes a monthly fundraiser for your charity! How cool is that, no more having to do numerous fundraisers all year long which can be time consuming and taxing to raise the money needed for your charity.

This is done for you and runs on autopilot and we make the payment monthly to your charity on your behalf. Now, don’t get us wrong, we are not saying to stop organizing fundraising events, were simply saying you might not have to do as many where less is more becomes more effective for you and your charity.

Our program has been an overwhelming success where many businesses are jumping at the chance to join and help their local or national charity. We are completely transparent and provide all the supporting documentation to show you how much is being donated to your charity on your behalf each and every month without fail.

Now, not just any business can join, we have several qualifications that each company must pass in order to become a part of our program. This is a program of integrity and we will we protect it in every way possible.


The Giving Back Program is a Guaranteed Monthly Fundraiser

Giving Back Program

We’d like to ask you a question, are you a leader in your community? By getting involved with our “Giving Back program” with your business, you can help lead the way and organize all other business owners within your community and introduce them to the program. Think of the impact you will have with your charity or charities by having the majority of the businesses in your area involved in our ground breaking program.

We believe we can help lead the way in transforming entire communities around the country and in the process transform many lives as well. We invite you to be that spark in your area and help ignite an automated fundraising frenzy.

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