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Website SEO Services:

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This is what separates J & A Business Solutions from any other competitor in website seo. Not only can we build your business a beautiful new website, we will also provide you with a huge unfair advantage over all of your competitors. You see, we have developed proprietary software that builds your website with seo optimization that is just not achievable by any other company in this industry.

It really isn’t fair to your competition! To put it into proper perspective, your website seo optimization is like a brand new Ferrari versus your competitions which is a used Ford Focus.

Beyond our unique and one of kind software, we then do two things no other SEO firm does. First we add you to our proprietary high authority network of websites where we syndicate your content and provide you the highest quality backlinks available. Google loves this!

The next part of our proprietary system is we build you a custom branded network of high authority Web 2.0 properties and social bookmarking sites and interlink them with your website and YouTube channel so you will have unmatched ranking power for the coveted keywords you want to own.

SEO That Ranks Your Website

Then we tie in certain seo elements like Press Releases and Guest Posts which all come together into a very powerful integrated seo master campaign which guarantees your website ranks on page one of Google for your desired and targeted keyword/keywords.

The end result which is really all you care about is that your business is getting organic leads and new customers week after week and month after month. This ensures your business will continue to grow despite uncertain economic conditions.

Another important aspect to recognize is that our seo blueprint and proprietary software is seo and Google friendly. In other words, nothing happens to your page one rankings after a Google update. Thousands of businesses tend to lose their coveted rankings after a Google update. The reason for this is their website wasn’t optimized properly and the seo campaigns run for them were not Google friendly.

The way we operate benefits your business greatly as we never sweat Google updates, nor will you. They simply don’t affect us. The majority of companies will try and sell you on a plan or package where it will take them 12-24-36 months to attain page one rankings on Google for desired keywords. And, they will charge you more for every keyword that they are able to rank you for.

We don’t do business that way as we think that’s taking advantage of you. Our goal is to help you grow your business and your profit margin! Here’s the no risk part for you, we guarantee our results so you are never at risk! We want you putting 100% focus on where it needs to be, growing your business.

If you happen to be looking to have a new website built, we have you covered. Our website design, development and management team are exceptional at what they do and will have a beautiful and functional site built specifically for your businesses needs.

Contact us today and let us custom tailor an seo plan that best fits your business based on where you are today and where you would like to go.